Dentistry students aims to tackle racial issues at Newcastle University

After Black Lives Matter Protests erupted on mainstream and social media following the death of George Floyd, dentistry students at Newcastle University set up Changemakers NCL to tackle systemic racism at universities. Khaleel Shazada, a fourth-year dentistry student and co-founder of the group, has said they have been working hard over summer to highlight racial issues within the university. Shazada says that it is various behaviours, such as offhand comments or touching other people’s hair

A Conversation with Charlotte: University and Anxiety

I talk with Charlotte about her experience dealing with anxiety and the pressures of university. Here is her story. Anxiety. It is a feeling of being worried or nervous about something. As students we know the feeling all too well. We get nervous for exams, stay up all night studying or writing last-minute essays that are due in the next day. But for many students, anxiety doesn’t stop there. Mental health cases in universities are rising every year, and as more students come into university a